Gluten Free Baguette

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Gluten free baguette is a French style bread that is soft and chewy on the inside. With a crispy crust on the outside. Enjoy with a platter of fine cheese and meats or use it to make gluten free garlic bread or to dip with your favourite Beat the Wheat fresh pasta dish.


Gluten free baguette. Soft and chewy, just the way it’s meant to be!

  • All of our baked goods are made in a gluten free and nut-free facility so you can enjoy every bite and feel good.
  • Enjoy your favourite breads and baked goods again with Beat the Wheat!  We work hard to develop gluten-free and nut-free products that have the texture you remember and taste delicious.

Just try a bite… You’ll be amazed it’s gluten-free!


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Weight .25 g


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