Gluten-Free Cheddar Bagels


Beat the Wheat Gluten Free Cheddar Bagels are shipped soon after the baking process. Ensuring you receive the freshest gluten-free Cheddar bagels possible.


Beat the Wheat Gluten Free Bagels are soft on the inside and chewy on the outside just like a bagel should be. We ship your order soon after the baking process ensuring you receive the freshest gluten-free bagels possible.

These delicious bagels are free of gluten, nuts, and eggs.

We do use sesame seeds in our facility.

All gluten-free bagels come in packages of 4.

You can rest assured it’s Gluten-Free.

Beat the Wheat’s manufacturing facility is a certified gluten-free and HACCP-certified facility. Manufacturing practices include ingredient quality controls, full product traceability, in-house gluten testing, and standardized allergen and sanitation cleaning procedures. Our raw materials are always guaranteed gluten-free before they arrive at our facility.

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