Gluten Free Online Store

Welcome to the Beat the Wheat Bakery. Breads, buns and tarts are baked daily in our production kitchen located in beautiful Bracebridge, Ontario, the heart of Muskoka.

Beat the Wheat gluten-free bread is baked daily, so when you place your order on our gluten free online store, they will arrive as fresh as possible. Beat the Wheat provides a range of gluten-free artisan bread that includes egg free, lactose-free and vegan.

Baked good-  Beat the Wheat’s bakery is full of delicious and decadent gluten-free treats. Our most popular by far is the Famous Muskoka Maple buttertart. Which is made with our signature gluten-free pastry and filled with a delicious buttertart filling using Canadian butter and real Muskoka maple syrup.  Other favorite gluten free online store products include the fudgy brownie, cinnamon buns, sticky toffee pudding. All of which are baked in our dedicated nut-free and gluten-free bakery.


Fresh Gluten Free Pasta

Beat the Wheat is a gourmet gluten free pasta made with fresh, wholesome ingredients with no additives or preservatives and is a healthy alternative to the traditional wheat based pasta.  Beat the Wheat pasta make for a quick and easy gluten free meal that cooks in a fraction of the time of dried pasta.

Our pasta is made with a blend of flours and whole eggs to produce a flavourful pasta that cooks in the fraction of the time as dried gluten free pasta. Great for those individuals on a celiac or wheat free diet.

Shop with confidence in our gluten free online store just as you would in our Bracebridge Bakery.